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Alfa Romeo (8)

Aston Martin (1)

Audi (11)

Bentley (5)

BMW (13)

Cadillac (1)

Chevrolet (36)

Chrysler (2)

Citroen (3)

Daihatsu (1)

Datsun (1)

De Tomaso (1)

Dodge (15)

Ferrari (8)

Fiat (1)

Ford (10)

GM (1)

Honda (15)

Hummer (11)

Hyundai (1)

Isuzu (1)

Jaguar (3)

Jeep (2)

Kia (2)

Lamborghini (4)

Lancia (1)

Land Rover (3)

Lexus (15)

Maserati (21)

Maybach (1)

Mazda (4)

Mercedes Benz (6)

Mini Cooper (1)

Mitsubishi (2)

Morgan (1)

Nissan (3)

Opel (2)

Peugeot (2)

Pontiac (1)

Porsche (29)

Renault (4)

Rolls Royce (4)

Saab (2)

Scania (2)

Seat (1)

Smart (1)

Subaru (9)

Tesla (2)

Toyota (4)

Volkswagen (7)

Volvo (2)


Can you design and make a custom Automotive Flag or Banner for me?

Yes we can! We encourage you to fill our web form located in our CONTACT US page, in order to give us all the necessary information to calculate an exact appraisal for your custom flag order

How can i clean my automotive flag?

Most flags can be machine washed in cold water with a gentle detergent. To not machine dry. Hang back on flagpole to dry. If flag if torn or frayed, do not wash before repairing.

What is the difference between a Automotive Banner and a Automotive Flag?

A flag is made with grommets on the header or a pole sleeve and flies horizontally on an inground pole outrigger style flagpole. Banners have a sleeve along the top and slide over a pole to hang vertically. These are designed to hang on a pole perpendicular to a building or on a wall.

Does the Automotiver Flag or Banner have a warranty or guarantee?

We guarantee that every flag we sell is free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of thirty days from receipt of the flag. Unfortunately, we cannot provide longer a warranty because the life of a flag depends upon the conditions under which a flag is flown.

How to keep your flag or automotive banner in good condition?

To get the most wear out of your flag, we offer the following suggestions and cautions. All OUTDOOR FLAGS are designed to fly in the wind; however, high winds especially accompanied by rain will cause damage to the flag. TAKE THE FLAG DOWN DURING STORMS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Keep the flag from fraying or tearing by looking at the fly end of the flag for any signs of wear. If wear appears, the worn part should be cut off and the flag rehemmed. A clean flag will last longer. Pollutants in the air will get into the fabric and can cause it to degrade. To clean, wash in a mild detergent, rinse, and hang to dry. KEEP YOUR FLAG AWAY FROM PETROLEUM AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS. Never fold or store a flag when it is wet. Let it hang dry completely before you put it away. Wet flags will mildew and ruin the material. INDOOR & PARADE FLAGS are damaged mainly due to neglect. If the flag is soiled in any way, it should be DRY CLEANED, NOT WASHED. If an indoor flag becomes wet, it should hang to dry completely before is it stored. If possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time.